Saturday, January 1, 2022

Chunky rings and unique collection, polymer clay

Unique polymer clay earrings with tassels in combination with strech beaded braclet and other accessories. More earrings in my store

 Chunky polymer clay rings.


Holiday jewelry, Christmas jewelry, green and red jewelry

 Holiday is here and I wanted to show you this last  collection  of polymer clay earrings and braclets. More in my store

Upcycled mussel shells as a jewelry

Fimo leather effect polymer clay earrings, rings and bracelets


 These unique earrings are made from Fimo leather effect polymer clay. You can find out more on my youtube channel Youtube tutorial, more in my store

You can find more colors online or any craft store.

Clay can be mixed like other polymer clay. 

 This clay can be used for jewelry, book marks, tassels and many other things.