Friday, October 25, 2019

Skinny scarves, headbands

Hi guys. I hope that you noticed this new fashion trend 2019/20, with skinny scarves. These skinny scarves -headbands are easy to sew and they can be versatile. You can wear them around neck, as turbans a headband, wristband, belt or purse accessory.
 I prefer different patterns with boring outfits, it gives a nice touch to the look. If you wear mostly dark outfits or beige color, this headband would definitely be something refreshing. If you don't like to wear headbands, than you can wear it in many other ways, as a neck scarf, belt...or you can make a beautiful bow on your purse. 

Mostly I would use some saten, polyester, silk or some stretchy fabric for these scarves. I  also like a lot of different prints: animal, flowers, polka dots, stripes and many others.

This one with a hearts is long enough so it can be worn as a belt too.

  Not only that you can wear them in many different ways, you can wear them as a headband in many other ways as you can see on a picture below. 


I'm planing on making YouTube tutorial on these scarves, so stay tuned.

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