Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Cork fabric

Did ever happen to you that you go in a store and fall in love with a dress, jacket, blouse...Today was my Wednesday visit to my favorite fabric store in Evanston. I browsed around as usual and than I spot it...Unusual, beautiful so natural, laying there in a bolt, CORK fabric.  I fell in love with it. I checked the price, talked to the people who work there and pictured how I can use it.
In my head was a vest, than clutch bag, bracelet, belt...Ideas started racing threw my head. I just bought two  yards of two different patterns. Price was $24.99 per yard and before I buy some more I have to try it first. If I'm happy I will be back for some more, that's for sure. I felt so excited about that fabric, since it's being a while that I couldn't find something different and original. I just can't wait to try it out. 
So I picked my boys after work, now dinner, homework and when I'm done with everything, I'll  work no matter how tired I'll be. I'll keep you posted 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Long asymmetric tunic with big black cross - Dugacka asimetricna tunika sa velikim krstom

It's Fall and so beautiful around trees changing their color of leaves. Here I am in fax fur vest, long asymmetrical tunic and black boots and pants.

                      (Cross is just a fashion detail, it does not have anything with a religion).

Jesen je i jako je lijepo biti oko drveca koje mijenja boju svojeg lisca. Ovdje nosim prsluk od vjestackog krzna, dugu asimetricnu tuniku sa krstom i crnim pantalonama i cizmama.

( Krst je samo modni detalj nema nikakve veze sa religisjkim uvjerenjem).

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bohemian bracelets with lava stones - Narukvica sa lava kamenjem i kozom

                                      Unisex bracelet made with leather cord and lava beads.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Marine style rope bracelets - Mornarski stil narukvice od kanapa

Marine rope bracelets are easy and fast to make. Very cool to wear in summer days ;). Beautiful colors of white and navy blue and silver clasps.

              Mornarski stil narukvice od kanapa su jako jednostavne i brzo  se naprave. Vrlo su IN da se nose u ljetnje dane. prelijepe boje teget i bijele kao i srebrnkaste zakacke.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Bridal fabric flowers bouquet with broaches and feathers - bidermajer od platnenog cvijeca

This bouquet I made with different kind of fabric from sateen, organza to tulle and silk. I also added some white feathers and fresh water pearls.

Bridal unique  bouquet made with fabric flowers, buttons ,  broaches and feathers .

Ovo je moj prvi unikatni bidermajer od     raznorazng platnenog cvijeca . 

 Za ovaj buket koristila sam razne broševe i dugmadi, kao i razne materijale od stena, svile, organze i čipke.

    Takođe sam dodala i detalje perja.

 Ovdje možete da vidite neke od alatki i materijala koje sam koristila prilikom pravljenja ovog buketa.

Unique polymer clay necklace with crystals and glass beads - Unikatna ogrlica od polimerne gline sa kristalima i perlama

This necklace was made by order for one my customer and she loved it.